Five simple tips to organize your kitchen

I would love to have a giant kitchen with space for everything, but we already know that modern kitchens are getting smaller. The same is nice, but the great challenge we face is to optimize the space.

The organization is essential to keep the kitchen tidy, especially if it is small. I leave you some simple tips that will help you turn it into a functional, warm and welcoming space:

1. Keep cookbooks on a shelf. Thus, you protect them from the humidity of the refrigerator and the grease of the kitchen. You do not need to store them in a closed shelf, because now the recipe books are so cute and with such wonderful photos, that if you leave them in view they will also serve as decoration.

2. Hang everything you can. To do this, place metal or wooden bars with small hooks. This is an ideal option to optimize the space, and it comes in handy if you do not have many drawers. In the bars you can hang from aprons to kitchen utensils. You just have to make sure they are cute, they will also serve as decoration.

3. Store the dishes you do not use daily on the higher shelves. If you do not have enough space, save it in another room, like in the dining room, for example, and reserve the kitchen for the items you use every day.

4. What you need, at hand. Make sure pots, pans, utensils and everything you use to cook daily are always at your fingertips. Thus, you can do everything quickly. You can put them together in a container, near the stove or where it is most comfortable for you.

5. Organize by categories. Save all articles by categories and always together, even if they are from different collections. Dishes with dishes, cups with cups and tablecloths with tablecloths. This way, it will be easier for you to maintain order. Also, some of them can be used to decorate.


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