How to choose the color of the walls

Every so often it causes me to modify the decoration of my house. I thought about changing the color of the main wall of the room, so I visited some home improvement stores.

Once you have chosen the color, you have to see how it looks with:

  • The light

The color changes according to the light it receives. The daylight accentuates the colors, the incandescent light highlights the warm tones and the fluorescent light makes them look a little colder and in bluish tones.

Many home improvement stores have lamps with spotlights with which you can test how the paint samples are with the different types of light.

  • The style

Another factor that you should keep in mind is the style of the decoration. If you want a classic style you should discard the lit colors. If you want a more modern space, you can choose vibrant colors.

Keep in mind that strong colors compete with the details of the decoration. So if you have many ornaments, so it does not look too ornate, it is best to opt for a wall in neutral tones such as white, beige or brown, which combine with almost everything.

  • The atmosphere

Sure in your bedroom you want a quiet and relaxing environment, which favors rest. To achieve this, you must choose soft and cold tones (which are those that go from blue to green).

If what you are going to paint is your living room and you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, choose bright and warm tones that range from red to yellow. If you want a more formal environment, the neutral and cold colors will work perfectly.

  • The finished

The paintings have different luster. A luster with too much gloss will make the paint look totally different from a matte one.

The safest option is to choose a satin or semi-matt luster. If you prefer a wall with more personality, you can choose a special finish. Also, you can put some detail with texture or play with different colors and decorative elements such as stained glass, paintings and mirrors.

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